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"Prevention Is Better than Cure"

The academic year of 2077 has been a tough time for all citizens due to the current pandemic situation. Therefore, the school family suggest everyone to be aware of the crisis, and follow the rules of social distancing and safe health practices. Washing hands regularly with soap and water can protect from harmful germs. 

In the mean time, students are encouraged to responsibly attend the online classes punctually and submit the assignments honestly. 

                                                                                                               - GLORIA SCHOOL

Available courses

This is EPH course for class 10.

This is Optional Math for Grade 9. GLORIA SCHOOL

This is Maths 6.

The wind and the leaves.

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Unseen Text

This is your Class 9 Math Course for GLORIA SCHOOL. 


This is the course for Optional Math Students Grade 10 (GLORIA SCHOOL).

introduction about the poem

This is Maths for Grade 5.